Saturday, 12 January 2008

how not to make a formulaic hip-hop video

hello - yes, still here. more or less anyway, but it takes something pretty awe-inspiring to drive me to the keyboard these days. in fact, this video thoroughly justifies me not posting all the weak shit i would doubtless have sent your way since september.

dj format should be absolutely my cup of my tea: clever, old school, uk hip hop with plenty of up to date references and samples, great beats and no guns, hos, obscure types of brandy or attempts by the rapper to make comparisons between themselves and god (yes kanye - you can still fuck off - daft punk sample or not).

but tho i love Music for the Mature B-Boy, i've never had it on quite as heavy rotation as you might expect and i haven't sought out too much of his other stuff (tho i have now got this on order). it'd certainly never occured to me to wonder what the videos for the tracks were like. so, during a mid morning musical wilf i was frankly stunned to find this:

i've already sent this to most ppl i know but it makes me smile so much i felt i needed to share the joy. and it's good to know that bungle hasn't rested on his laurels after the success of rainbow.

it's the work of ruben fleischer, about whom i can do no more (cos i know piss all about film) than to direct you to his rather excellent website. where you will find several squillion brilliant films and photos to amuse yourseves with.

happy new thing to you all. see you in... well, march probably.