Tuesday, 14 August 2012

My Olympic legacy is to start playing the lottery...

I've always been against the National Lottery. I called it a "tax on the poor"(justifiably). I have smugly felt superior to people who played it. As a (more or less) socialist, I've always thought that things that most people in the country want, such as support for elite athletes whose sport doesn't generate sufficient revenue to sustain the cost of elite training, should be paid for out of general taxation.

   But you know what? The joke's on me. Lottery players have supported the athletes I have cheered so loudly for last week. Just cos I would prefer to be taxed to support them, I have not supported them, even though I love what they do. So yes, I still don't agree with the lottery, but it's just a tax I have to chose to pay and from today, I am choosing to do so.

   (btw - I know there's tonnes of other factors covering the lottery good/bad debate, but I'm in a rush, so you know, fill in the other stuff based on what you think I'd probably think. ta)